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RCSI SIMposium to Explore Experiential Learning for Interprofessional Education

Experiential learning approaches to interprofessional education will be the focus of the inagural SIMposium to be hosted by the RCSI Sim Centre for Simulation Education and Research.

SIMposium takes place on Friday, 4 November 2022. It will bring together professional trainers from higher education institutions in a variety of sectors, including health professions, law, teacher training, social work and emergency services.

It aims to promote the exchange of evidence based knowledge and expertise, inform best practice, and develop connections nationally and internationally in the area of simulation-based education, with a particular focus on interprofessional communication, which is critical across these sectors.

Experiential learning, also known as simulation-based education, is frequently used in higher education institutions. Simulation uses representations of real-life scenarios to allow individuals and teams to practice key skills with feedback before engaging with real patients or clients. Across professional domains, simulation is described and enacted differently, especially as it relates to development of vital communication skills.

The SIMposium programme features national and international experts including Professor Debra Nestel, Monash University; Dr Nancy McNaughton, The Wilson Centre, Toronto; and Professor Gerry Gormley, Queen’s University Belfast, and Professor Walter Eppich, Chair of Simulation at RCSI.

This inaugural event is supported by funding from the National University of Ireland Grant scheme, and the Higher Education Authority through funding led by Professor Walter Eppich. The HEA-funded programme of research aims to translate key learnings and innovations from sectors with more advanced integration of simulation-based strategies, such as healthcare, and apply them to higher education more broadly. For further information about the speakers and to register for this event, visit the website.

Source: RCSI

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