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Report Shows Dublin to be One of The Slowest City Centres in Europe

A recent report published by Inrix, a global company that specialises in transportation analytics, has shown that Dublin’s traffic congestion ranks among the worst in Europe.

The reports finding show that drivers in Dublin’s city centre spent around 246 hours in traffic last year. Rome (254 hours), Paris (237 hours), Rostov-on-Don (237 hours) and London (227 hours) were the other European cities where drivers spend the most time in their cars.

The report stated that “Dublin also has the distinction of having the slowest city centre in all of Europe, where speeds dip as low as 6 mph,” (around 9.6 kmph).

it went on to say that at peak times, speeds reach around 18 kmph, at off-peak times speeds are at around 37 kmph, and during ‘free-flow’ times, speeds reach an average of 45 kmph.

Moscow was found to be the most congested city in Europe where as Dublin was ranked 52nd.

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