S For SOLIDARNOŚĆ Exhibition in Dublin

Forum Polonia and the School for Leaders from Warsaw invite for the commemorative evening dedicated to the events of August 1980, origins of Solidarity and the fall of Communist regime.

The event will take place at the Centre for Creative Practices (15 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin). Starting from 7 p.m. on 6th of September 2014 the photographic exhibition coming from the European Solidarity Centre’ collection from Gdansk will be open to the public.

Relishing the taste of wine and Polish food participants will be able to listen to and sing to exceptional music of Jacek Kaczmarski. All of the information will be available in Polish and English language version. Admission is free.

The collection of photography will be showcased thanks to the kindness of the European Solidarity Centre from Gdansk which is not only a museum that promotes and disseminates the knowledge about Solidarity movement and anti-communist opposition, but also a centre of dialogue about modern world. ECS is a cultural institution under the auspices of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the City of Gdansk and Pomeranian Voivodeship Self-Government.

In 2014 the Centre opened a brand new building that is built on the location of the former Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk. The very same place where the Solidarity movement started – at the end leaded to the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the regaining of freedom in the entire Central and Eastern Europe.

The organisers would like to express their thanks to the kindness of the museum and now the residents of Ireland will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the exhibition “In solidarity towards Freedom”.

After the 6th of September the photos will be available for the Polish Library “Biblary” visitors at 107 Amiens Street, Dublin1. The event “S for Solidarity” has been organised in partnership with Discover Poland, Countess Markievicz’s Historic Club and thanks to the many volunteers who have contributed to this project.



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