Savings on Amazon right now

From time to time, Amazon wants to clear some stock, and sells items at very, very low prices.

Here’s a brief list of some items you can grab on the cheap right now.

925 Silver lever back earrings handmade with teardrop crystal from SWAROVSKI – €13.50

These earrings are usually 85 pounds, but right now they’re going for a mere ELEVEN pounds. That’s crazy.  These earrings are an end of the line clearance, and they’re hand made. They measure 30mm x 7mm, and even come with a gift box.

40 Kindle Books – €1.20

Although of course you won’t have a physical copy of any of the books you buy, one pound for 40 books is still pretty cheap!

Kraken Rum  – €29.88

The Kraken is black rum from the Caribbean blended, and has 11 secret spices. It’s named after mythical sea beast, and comes in a Victorian Rum bottle with two handles for easy pouring.

Usually 32.86, you can grab one now for just under 30 euro. If you’re a rum drinker, this one isn’t to be missed.

Moet and Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne Gift Boxed 75 cl€30.00

If you have something to celebrate, why not break out the champagne?

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