SIMS by Quinn provides nZEB solution, and could meet the demand for rapid build housing

Quinn Building Products have introduced their Super Insulated Masonry Systems, SIMS by Quinn, a
solution which addresses a number of the issues facing Irish construction today.

The system is a modern method of masonry construction, which combines the benefits of Quinn Lite
thermal blocks with thin joint technology, and a certified external insulation system. It’s a very
straightforward construction method which utilises the simplicity of solid wall construction whilst
enhancing the thermal performance and weather tightness of the building.

The demand is high for rapid build housing in Ireland, and this must be combined with high
performance building design in order to ensure every new building meets the upcoming nZEB

The speed of build is a significant advantage, with wall construction time reduced by up to 60%
versus traditional cavity wall construction. The single leaf construction uses quick setting mortar,
which allows for continual laying, and with faster weatherproofing, internal works can begin sooner.

But the performance of the building is a key consideration. We must build houses which are more
thermally efficient, with improved airtightness, and better fire performance.

SIMS by Quinn delivers on all fronts, with up to 6 hours fire resistance easily achievable, zero risk of
condensation, and significantly improved airtightness due to the thin joint mortar.

The combination of Quinn Lite thermal blocks, thin joint mortar and external insulation minimises
heat loss directly through the wall and at junctions, which ensures excellent thermal performance.

With SIMS by Quinn, nZEB is easily achievable, and it can even save up to 20% on construction costs
versus timber frame.

Wall Construction using Thin Joint Technology

The wall consists of a 200mm wide Quinn Lite thermal block built using thin joint mortar, externally
finished with an approved external insulation system, and internally finished with plasterboard on
dabs. The insulation thickness will depend on the U-value required.

The thin joint technology used in SIMS is a well-established construction method used throughout
Europe. It utilizes 2-3mm mortar joints using a quick setting adhesive in place of the traditional
10mm general purpose mortar.

Speaking of SIMS by Quinn, Jason Martin, Quinn Building Products’ Product Development Manager
said, “Thin joint construction brings all the benefits of a modern method of construction with all the
familiarity that traditional masonry construction brings, with several distinct advantages over the
traditional method. We’re bringing a solution to the Irish construction industry which delivers the
right balance between speed of construction and building performance, which directly addresses the
needs of the construction industry.”


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