Single Use Plastics Set To Be Banned By Dublin City Council

Dublin City Council are currently working towards banning single use plastic cups, such as disposable coffee cups, in their offices and areas within their control according to a statement.

The decision to do so was brought on following a series of motions submitted by Green Party Councillor Claire Byrne in the Environment Strategic Policy Committee.

Dublin City Council have now agreed to set up an internal committee looking at banning non-recyclable coffee cups in their own buildings, reviewing catering agreements with suppliers, and will work to introduce the ban in markets and cafes within City parks.

The internal campaign will be supported by a city wide external communications campaign to promote reusable coffee cups to the general public.

Councillor Byrne said:

“I am delighted with this move by Dublin City Council. This is a great step towards reducing general waste in the city and increasing our recycling rates. We are throwing away 200 million coffee cups every year which end up in landfill or incineration.

“These type of measures, working in conjunction with organisations such as Conscious Cup Campaign, will take a large number of disposable coffee cups out of our waste stream. It’s great to see DCC leading by example and making this commitment.

“Between this and the Green Party’s Waste Reduction Bill,  it’s great to see the Greens having an impact, and turning the public awareness around plastic waste and litter into action.”

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