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SMART Scooters Podcast Featuring Lee Roche

In last weeks discussion we spoke to Lee Roche who is the CEO for SMART Scooters ltd

SMART Scooters is a micro-mobility company based in Ireland and is operating in the transport industry. Their mission, as told to our host Jack Mullen, is to “provide communities with freedom of movement, access to affordable, convenient Smart mobility.”

Moreover, they pride themselves on their commitment to creating jobs, investing locally and supporting Irish communities.

In this podcast, Lee, along with Jack, spoke about a variety of different, yet interrelated topics.

Firstly, Lee provided an overview of what it is the company company does. Secondly, the CEO provided clarity on what the SMART acronym actually stands for, and why his company decided to adopt that particular name.

Developments in Ireland’s scooter sharing infrastructure were discussed by Lee. Furthermore, questions regarding government led grants and commuter incentivise were also touched upon.

In the latter part of the Q&A, the conversation seemed to move away from SMARTS scooters themselves and more so towards the impacts that this current pandemic has had on his company. Lee’s take on the impacts of Covid-19 differed to most, where many saw huge challenges, Lee appeared to see major opportunities. Moreover, Lee placed a huge emphasis on how his company has looked toward foreign markets for inspiration, and stressed the importance of learning from the “shortcomings of our European counterparts.”

Finally, Lee gave us his predictions on the future of the micro-mobility in Ireland Lastly, Lee, in the latter part of the conversation mentioned how new forms of tech may act as a catalyst for driving continued developments with regards to scooter sharing platforms.

To find out more, listen to the postcast here or see the link below:
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