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Smart waste company proposes 5G small cell solution for UK councils

Image courtesy of BigBelly

Bigbelly, which provides solar-powered waste compacting technology for local authorities around the world, is pioneering a new 5G small cell solution called Telebelly.

Bigbelly, a global company working with solar-powered waste compacting technology, has announced a new product, Telebelly, which it says will deliver 5G small cells to local authorities, in the shape of a pole and antenna solution that delivers enhanced wireless services to the communities it serves.

“Bigbelly has already established itself as a smart city solution for the way in which it has transformed local authorities’ approach to waste collection,” said Emmett Reidy, business development director for Egbert Taylor, which distributes Bigbelly technology in the UK. “Telebelly not only provides another innovative dimension to Bigbelly, but it also further cements the solution’s position as an integral component in any smart city strategy.”

Rolling out 5G small cells

In recent years, Bigbelly has partnered with local authorities across the UK, to help them deal with the increasing demand for more environmentally-friendly waste solutions. And the company has worked on pilot schemes in areas such as Islington, Rugby, Chester, Coventry, Bath, and even the Orkney Islands.

Big Belly Bins – Dublin

“We are excited to offer the Telebelly solution to our council and mobile network operator partners,” explained Alex Gamota, senior vice President at Bigbelly. “The Telebelly has the power to improve connectivity and enhance the quality of life for those living and working in areas that have adopted the solution.”

“Given how Bigbelly is typically utilised in densely populated areas where footfall is high, which is typically where increased telecoms coverage and capacity is required, there is a high degree of synergy between the public waste collection aspect of the system and Telebelly.”

5G small cell antennas are a vital ingredient in 5G technology, providing last-mile connectivity to 5G networks, which otherwise wouldn’t have the range to reach the majority of users. And there are currently 2,500 Bigbelly units already in use by councils across the UK, where public waste bins are required, which could easily be upgraded with Telebelly 5G small cell poles and antennas. 


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