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Solar powered compactible smart bins launched in Howth by Fingal County Council

Fingal County Council have launched 35 solar powered compactible bins in the prime tourist town of Howth, following a successful pilot scheme.

The bins feature sensors which alert Council staff when the bins become full, as well as pedals for hands-free opening and flaps that keep out seagulls and rodents.

The 35 smart bins replace 70 conventional bins that had serviced the Howth area.

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment, an Irish-owned manufacturing company, were awarded the tender via an open tender competition managed by Fingal County Council.  

Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Eoghan O’Brien said: “I am delighted that PEL Waste Reduction Equipment has been recognised with the Irish Times Innovation Award in the Manufacturing & Design category for 2019. 

“I recognise the importance of the Council collaborating with companies like PEL Waste in future initiatives for manufacturing and green technologies”.

David Storey, Director of Services, Fingal County Council, Operations Department said: “The technology alerts us when the bins need to be emptied so this will put an end to any overflowing bins and the associated expensive clean-ups.

“These compacting bins operate with an integrated compaction system and an ultrasonic bin-fill sensor which communicates data to a digital dashboard of bin-fill levels and collection requirements.”

Caroline Power, Administrative Officer for Howth/Malahide Operations Department said:“The new solar compacting bins provide a more efficient level of service. Following their installation there has been substantial reduction in cigarette butts outside the DART Station in Howth”. 

Fingal County Council is committed to rolling out the solar compactible bins to other urban areas within the county.

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