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South Dublin County Council Launches New Climate Action Website

The outgoing Mayor of South Dublin, Cllr Peter Kavanagh, launched the new South Dublin County Council Climate Action website recently,

The website aims to inform the citizens of South Dublin on climate change. Citizens can use the website to find practical solutions to reducing carbon emissions at individual and local levels, with tailored information for individuals/families, businesses and for anyone active in the community.

The website aims to inform and educate the citizens of South Dublin on the Climate Change Action Plan 2019 – 2024, providing transparency on the execution of the plan and progress towards achieving the Council’s targets.

Citizens can also use to keep up to date on latest climate news and announcements our news section.

Speaking at the launch of the website, the Mayor of South Dublin County, Cllr Peter Kavanagh, said, “I am delighted to launch this website to help inform the people of South Dublin on how they can live more sustainable lives. With this resource we can also keep them up to date on what their local authority is doing to fight climate change.”

Teresa Walsh, Director of Services for the Environment, Water and Climate Change in South Dublin County Council, said, “we are keen to keep the citizens of South Dublin informed on how their local authority is delivering climate action. More importantly we are keen to guide them in making the right decisions in making their own lives sustainable.” is dynamic and The South Dublin Climate Team want to know what you think of the new website. Maybe there something you would like to see more of or maybe there is too much of something?

Let them know at [email protected]

Source: South Dublin County Council

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