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Space Technology Advancements via Limerick

Arralis is a Limerick based technology company that specialise in Radio Frequency (RF) and wave technology. Excelling in proprietary antenna technology, and in pursuit of technical innovation, the company have developed a new electronically steerable Ka band antenna. The big news is: The European Space Agency want in.

The company have just announced today that it has secured a €2million contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) for the development of the antenna. The ESA strive to shape the developments and progress of Europe’s space capability, and want investment to continue to deliver benefits to its European citizens and the rest of the world. Arralis hope to see their Ka band antenna applied to the ESA’s Laser Interferometer Space Antenna mission, due to launch in 2034.

Enterprise Ireland have supported Arralis in securing the contract and development work will be carried out in the Arralis HQ in Limerick. The company’s design centre is based in Belfast and they even have global offices in Russia and China.

Not only will the Ka band antenna be applied to space missions for accurate measurement of gravitational waves, it will be in demand by anyone looking to improve the speed of their internet! This kind of technology is capable of delivering high-speed, low latency internet bandwidth to anywhere on Earth and can be deployed in communication satellites to improve the accessibility of broadband.

Image Credit: Arralis Press Office

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