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Sport Ireland Announces €5.9 million Boost for Sport and Physical Activity Measures

Sport Ireland has today announced an investment package of €5.9million in Dormant Accounts Funding for a wide range of sport and physical activity measures countrywide at an event in Corduff Community Resource Centre.

The investment aims to engage communities across the country, focusing on people with disabilities, people who are educationally disadvantaged and from disadvantaged communities.

Speaking about the new round of Dormant Account Funding, Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, Catherine Martin TD, said, “addressing inequalities in sports participation is a key action within the National Sports Policy 2018-2027 and a key priority for Government. Sport Ireland’s announcement of €5.9 million in funding through the Dormant Accounts Fund will further support the development and implementation of programmes and interventions to ensure access to sport and physical activities for all groups in society. This significant investment targeting people who are economically, socially or educationally disadvantaged or who have a disability is very welcome. In particular, it is good to see a focus on programme innovation, the enhancement of the urban outdoor environment and empowering community leaders to deliver projects & programmes at a community level. Through this funding sport and physical activity will become increasingly accessible to all.”

Government Chief Whip and Minister of State for the Gaeltacht and Sport Jack Chambers TD added, “I am delighted to be here today to announce this significant investment of Dormant Accounts Funding to develop and promote participation initiatives. Facilities across Ireland, just like Corduff Community Resource Centre will benefit from this funding.  Over the past year or more of restrictions we have seen the huge importance that Irish people place on sport and physical activity and the many benefits it can have on our mental and physical well-being. While restrictions have been difficult for all groups in society it has been particularly detrimental for people with a disability and for older adults. I am encouraged to see a strong level of investment in projects addressing this as returning to sport and physical activity safely will have far reaching benefits for both cohorts. I look forward to seeing the impact of this funding throughout the year and encourage people to engage with their Local Sports Partnership and National Governing Body of Sport and reap the many benefits of being active”.

Joe O’Brien, T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Rural and Community Development, who has delegated responsibility for the Dormant Account Fund, welcomed the announcement of the disbursement of dormant funds for these sports measures. Minister O’Brien said, “Dormant Accounts funding makes a real difference to individuals and communities right across the country. These sporting measures will help increase participation in sport and physical activity in local communities”.

Chairman of Sport Ireland, Kieran Mulvey, commented: “Sport Ireland is delighted with the significant investment in Urban Outdoor Adventure Hubs and the Active Cities. Over the past year we have all turned to the outdoors as a place to exercise and socialise. It is important that we continue to develop opportunities to use the outdoors for sport and physical activity and make daily outdoor activity a part of our routines, regardless of whether we live in the countryside or in a city”.  

Chief Executive of Sport Ireland, John Treacy, commented, “the Dormant Accounts Funding will enable Sport Ireland, supported by National Governing Bodies of Sport and Local Sports Partnerships to provide every one the opportunity to partake in sport and physical activity, no matter what their circumstances. The significant investment in Volunteer Training and Supports as well as Youth Leadership will be critical in supporting local volunteers and leaders as the country gradually opens up and we return to sport”.

As with previous funding announced, the investment is closely aligned with the National Sports Policy 2018-2027 and the National Physical Activity Plan. A particular emphasis is placed on implementing programmes to promote physical activity, making sport and physical activity accessible to people with a disability and the development of programmes to address transitions and drop out from physical activity.

Sport Ireland Director of Participation and Ethics, Dr Una May, said, “in 2021, Dormant Account Funding will be allocated to establish and develop 10 new Community Sports and Physical Activity Hubs as well as the 36 existing hubs. It is great to see continued investment in the hubs as they form a home for local clubs and sports organisations. They provide support and advice on a wide range of sports and physical activities at a local level to make it easier for people in disadvantaged areas to get involved in and engage in a more active and healthier lifestyle”.

Source: Sport Ireland

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