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Sport Ireland Launch Women in Sport: Analysis & Punditry Training Opportunity

Following on from the successful launch in 2021, through its Women in Sport Programme, Sport Ireland is seeking candidates to partake in another round of the initiative that will provide expert training on pre, during, and post sport event analysis and punditry for broadcast (TV, live-streaming, radio).

The programme, run in conjunction with training, development, and communications experts “The Communications Clinic”, will take place over three/four days, and will provide the successful candidates with the understanding and the practical skills of working in a live studio environment, preparation & research for broadcasts, on-air delivery, establishing area(s) of specialisation and establishing relationships with key stakeholders – broadcasters, players, officials and governing bodies.

As part of the training programme, the successful candidates will also partake in a mentorship programme, which will see them learn from the very best in the business.

Speaking after the training, one 2021 candidate stated, “prior to the programme, I had not received any formal training on tips and techniques that would assist me in my role as an analysis. The work that we did as part of the programme was absolutely amazing. So practical. I felt so much more confident going on camera even after just one session. I would highly recommend this course for anyone that is considering or even currently working within the media.”

The programme will contain:

•             Punditry and Media Skills Boot Camp

•             Speaker & Mentor Day

•             Studio Experience

•             On-Going Mentorship Programme

By the end of the training programme participants will;

•             Have the confidence and capability to be expert and excellent contributors and pundits to sporting media of all types

•             Have direct experience in preparing and delivering for sports preview and review shows

•             Have direct experience in preparing and delivering for live analysis; including pre, during and post-match analysis for live national broadcasters

•             Know their own communication style and be able to deliver to the best of their ability – enthusiastically and directly

•             Know how to structure and deliver a concise but engaging point

•             Know how to profile audiences

•             Be able to research to find interesting and fresh angles on consistent issues

•             Be an interesting, understandable and engaging contributor

•             Know how to use data, stats and evidence in a useful but relatable manner

•             Have a set PR plan and have an expert consultant to implement it

•             Be able to write understandable and engaging articles, columns and opinion pieces

•             Have experience of delivering in both TV and radio studio set ups

•             Understand the role and the demands of a Producer, Presenter, Contributor and Pundit

•             Have made connections with, and learned from, experienced figures in the field of Irish sports broadcasting

Nora Stapleton, WIS Lead outlines they type of candidate suitable for the programme, “the ideal candidate is someone that knows their chosen sport inside-out, has a natural eye for spotting trends and patterns in sport, and has the ability to focus on the finer details. If you’re unsure of whether or not you have this natural eye, don’t be put off. We are looking for someone that is passionate about sport and isn’t shy of putting her opinions and points across. It’s important to note that no previous experience of media or broadcast work is required to apply – this will not be factored in when choosing the successful candidates.”

While playing experience is not an absolute requirement, having a first-hand experience of competing at a high level (national or international) is an advantage.

Interested individuals should submit an application available at the following link

Only those applicants with an audio or video clip of their sport analysis/punditry/commentary will be accepted.

Candidates must be available for the nominated training days outlined.

The closing date for applications is midnight on Friday, May 27th, 2022.  No late applications will be considered.

Source: Sport Ireland

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