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The future of the local government sector is clear — digitally enabled, data-driven and community focused as never before, according to Cormac Deady, Head of Government, KPMG Ireland. The transformation journey unfolding at a local government level is about breaking down traditional government silos and becoming more connected — organisation and community-wide — to put
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The Kildare County Development Plan 2023-2029 was adopted by Kildare County Council and will come into effect on 28th January 2023. The County Development Plan is the key strategy document which supports the proper planning and sustainable development of land-use across County Kildare over the plan period and beyond. The Strategic Vision of the Plan is […]
Business News
The pandemic revolutionised the Irish retail landscape in many ways and accelerated the growth in online shopping faster than anyone would have predicted. So, what does retail need to do to thrive, does their future depend on how they engage with the customer, and will the physical store survive? Keith Watt, Head of Retail & […]
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Urbanisation’s upward swing has only become more aggressive over the past few years. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs says two-thirds of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by 2050. Smart city solutions can mitigate transport emissions and help achieve carbon emission reduction goals. Smart mobility, in turn, harnesses […]
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Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson has big expectations for the future of construction. Now, in a new report commissioned by Virgin StartUp and Colmore Tang Construction, Dr. Pearson shares some of the potential changes to come. Dr. Pearson’s proposed future is environmentally friendly and efficient, featuring roofs made from recycled plastic bottles and 3D printed walls. […]