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The Green Party slams Government over “misleading the public” with mental health funding

The Green Party has today accused the Government of “misleading the public” over the levels of funding allocated for mental health services in Budget 2018.

According to the Mental Health Reform charity, Minister Jim Daly has confirmed that the €35m ‘additional’ spending for 2018 includes €20m carried over from the 2017 budget. This means there will only be an additional €15m in spending for 2018.

Green Party Deputy Leader Catherine Martin TD said:

“Mental illness has a shattering effect on families and communities. We must be relentless in defending our citizens with mental health difficulties.

“We have to ensure that even in times of financial constraints and pressures that our priorities are not blinded.

“I am absolutely appalled to hear today that there will be only €15m of additional spending on mental health in 2018, which is a huge and most disappointing shortfall from the €35 million euro announcement in yesterday’s budget.


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