The Park Kiosk reopens with Ed Devane’s KIOSK in Limerick

The Park Kiosk reopens with Ed Devane’s KIOSK: Mechanised Music Making – a Limerick National City of Culture,Visual Art Legacy Project

Following on from the success of Dogs Tales, Theatre Shop, Wildroutesand From Print to Postcard…Limerick City of Culture is delighted to announce the commencement of Ed Devane’s KIOSK: Mechanised Music Making

For the month of March the Park Kiosk will become a music-making den. Filled with specially made instruments, the aim of sound artist Ed Devane’s Kiosk residency will is to encourage creativity through music making and collaboration.

Visitors will be able to play three types of mechanical, electroacoustic musical instruments: bowed strings, plucked strings, and a three-voice mechanical drum sequencer.  Ed says “I’ll be recording and posting performances by visitors and guest artists alike on my YouTube channel and website. One of my goals with this project is to build up a digital archive of recordings made by the people who drop in.”

There is also open call for MIDI compositions that can be played on the stringed instruments. You can submit MIDI files and a selection of these will be played in the Kiosk.

Not only that, if you want to hear your music performed automatically there are sample packs available for Live to do this from the comfort of your home. You can find more details at:

From Thursday March 5th, the Kiosk will be open between 12 and 5pm,Monday to Thursday

Each Friday evening there will also be a performance by a guest artist. Friday sessions including:

Friday 6th March, 7pm: Robin Parmar – Robin Parmar explores the poetics of place and memory by way of electroacoustic composition, improvisation, experimental writing, and film. Robin will give a semi-improvised performance using the instruments and field recordings taken from the surrounding area.

Friday 13th March, 7pm: Open Call Works – a selection of works will be played back / performed from the open call for works. A diverse selection of works are expected from the worlds of contemporary, electronic and folk music. To read more about the open call or contribute visit

Friday 20th March, 7pm: DorotaKonczewska – electronic music producer, jazz singer and visual artist. Dorota will perform a mix of her own pieces adapted for use with the Kiosk instruments.

Friday 27th March, 7pm: Withering Zithering, a.k.a. Ed Devane. For the closing event of Ed Devane’s Kiosk installation, Ed will perform a piece using instruments he has built in addition to the installed instruments.

About The Park Kiosk Projects

The Park Kiosk has been on the site it is now since the mid-19th century and witnessed 150 years of changes within the city, until the last JR ice pop was sold in the late 1980’s. Over the coming months The Park Kiosk will present a series of exciting multidisciplinary residencies. Artists where asked to respond to a simple brief:

What would you do, if you could have The Park Kiosk?

Each month offers a new experience, as artists present work made specifically for this iconic building on the southern side of The Peoples Park. The artists have all approached the possibility of opening up The Park Kiosk in different ways. Some see it as a studio, a theatre, a community centre and of course a shop. Each month The Kiosk, it’s history and how it relates to The People Park and the city is explored through different media and artforms.

The Park Kiosk Project offers an exciting variety and approaches to this unique historic space. Visit The Park Kiosk over the coming months to see an ever changing living art programme.

About Ed Devane

Ed Devane is a Limerick based multidisciplinary artist working primarily with sound. His work encompasses electronic music production, musical instrument design and manufacture, educational workshop facilitation and interactive sound installation. As a musician, he has released music under his own name on labels such as Touchin’ Bass and Mantrap Recordings, and as Withering Zithering on Acre Recordings and Farpoint Records. Ed has given workshops at Hunt Museum Limerick, National Craft Gallery Kilkenny, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios Dublin and many other art centres in Ireland.


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