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Codex Office Solutions is now firmly recognised as Ireland’s largest independent contract office solutions company, a long-time supplier to the Government, HSE and Educational sector, and delivering a nationwide service with regional services in Cork, Galway and Mayo covering the four provinces of Ireland.

The company’s Managing Director, Siobhan O’Connor outlines the plans in place to further grow and develop the company. An Irish owned company founded thirty nine years ago by Brendan Murphy, Codex has become a key supplier to the Corporate, Government and SME sectors in recent years. Ireland’s largest office supplies dealer has taken focus, business acumen and strong leadership and Codex has overcome some very challenging economic periods to get to its current position, particularly over the last eight years. Codex is proudly Irish and with Managing Director Siobhan O’Connor and the Codex team at the helm it is on course to achieve all its targets and objectives.

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Siobhan with Patrick Murphy and Chris Mooney

In recent years Codex decided to revisit all aspects of the business from rebranding as an office products company to an office solutions company and evaluating the purchases of their fantastic customer base. The company looked at where there was growth sectors in the business such as facilities supplies, interiors, office fit-Outs and Print and with investments in staff and capability Codex have made considerable gains in these new sectors. While Codex already had a good offering in these key areas the addition of category specialists and extra staff brought a new dimension to what could be offered to the customer.

Corporate responsibility is at the heart of the organisation. This ranges from training and supporting their staff and protecting the environment to giving back to the communities through fund raising and, most importantly, time. Codex were delighted with the results of the Great Place to Work survey on their first time out within the medium company’s category for 2017. Combined with Responsible Working it has created a great environment of diversity and inclusion which spills out into the community delivering contributions and supports.”

Codex conducted a survey on all activity and evaluated these results around the brand strength, with the results from their 3000 plus strong customers it was quickly recognised they were a company of trust and delivered on their promises with the customer being at the heart of the entire organisation. Codex also took on board the feedback on their digital catalogues and the online product and service offering and knew major improvements were required by them to
deliver a much higher standard in the business, this included security. Codex have been an ISO certified organisation for many years and have obtained and maintained management based standards ISO 9001, Quality and Environmental standards ISO 14001, and Health and Safety OHSAS 18001. With so much of their data now being held in the cloud, working with third party providers who deliver support and IT services and couple this with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being introduced in 2018 Codex decided to go for Data and Information Certification and achieved the ISO 27001 in six months.

Codex looked at all standards within the organisation and employed external auditors to review the full business through all departments highlighting improvements and efficiencies. With this information Codex set the best standards in place. This included involving all their staff. It was most important
to ask their teams what their perception of Codex was and they registered with the Great Place to Work, and signed up for the audit which measures the Trust Index within an organisation. The standards in business has paid off, and Codex was awarded the Government Office Supplies contract in June of this year.

The greatest tip for 2018 from Codex is to lock down your data and protect your business, GDPR is coming, so be prepared! The local economy is there where Codex buy and sell and this in turn strengthens the community. Codex Business is totally focused on everything related to Responsible Working, something every company needs to look at to ensure the future for great emphasis is put on sourcing sustainable products and their approach is to have a process by which environment, social and ethical considerations are taken into account when making a purchasing decision. A guaranteed Irish member, Codex sources eighty-seven per cent of its products locally, supporting local business and services, who trade within the Irish market place. Codex delivers solutions driven by listening to their customers requirements and engaging with their Codex teams who have many years of experience and knowledge.

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