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UPS Healthcare opens its first dedicated facility in Dublin

UPS Healthcare has announced the opening of a first-of-its-kind healthcare logistics facility in Dublin. The 12 million EUR investment covers nearly 6,000 m² and has created an initial 30 new jobs, demonstrating UPS’s support of the Irish market and export growth. 

The facility houses small package, freight forwarding and logistics, and distribution capabilities, connecting customers from all industries to a truly integrated global network that is adaptable and resilient to their needs. UPS Healthcare is uniquely positioned to provide one of the widest ranges of integrated complex healthcare logistics services in the world.

The pharma and medical device industries are booming in Ireland, and that’s creating an increased need for integrated, globally connected healthcare logistics services. Ireland’s world-leading pharma market is now more reliant on advanced temperature-controlled logistics to help meet its needs. The industry already accounts for nearly 50% of the country’s exports and the market is expected to hit annual growth of 6.17% through 2024 to 2028. 

80% of pharma products in Europe already require temperature-controlled transportation and the latest biologics and speciality pharmaceuticals require precision, temperature-controlled logistics to get patient-critical products where they need to be, on time and at the right temperature. Fitted with specialised technology, the facility provides in-demand storage and inbound and outbound transportation for a range of pharmaceutical and health tech products, providing an end-to-end solution for healthcare companies as they look to simplify their supply chains for their complex treatments. 

Cathy O’Brien
, Vice President for International Sales at UPS Healthcare said, “This investment marks our commitment to supporting Ireland’s world-leading pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We’re the only provider who can take our customers’ treatments from clinical trial right to the patient, turning logistics into a competitive advantage, one that will only help grow Ireland’s position as a central hub for the pharma industry. Most importantly, we can give patients the peace of mind knowing that their critical healthcare treatments and devices are in safe hands.

Last year, UPS introduced a new flight path between the US, Ireland and UK to strengthen the trans-Altantic trade lane – and Ireland’s links with its largest pharma export markets. The flight serves Dublin and Stansted Airports, returning to UPS’s air hub in Louisville, US, and carries healthcare and small package goods between the three countries. 

(Source: IDA Ireland)

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