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Waterford Technologies Podcast Featuring Mark Mulcahy

Waterford Technologies are experts in email and file compliance and management and provide the toolset, expertise, and insight to bring your unstructured Data (email and file) to light, make data decisions based on fact and set policies to keep it compliant.

Their solutions enable data mapping, management and movement to securely migrate data to the cloud and local storage. They help companies to gain a true insight into their file and email data and to take action to remain compliant with standards, save on expensive storage and free up IT resources from mundane tasks.

In this this weeks Q&A, Mark, along with our Council Editor, Jack Mullen spoke about a host of topics. Mark is Waterford Technologies Technical Sales Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has worked for the company since 2004. 

The main talking points discussed in this podcast were that of the growth in the automated email & file management industries.

In the early part of the podcast, Mark spoke candidly about what it is that Waterford technologies does on a day to day basis and moreover what inspired him to join the company back in 2004.

Furthermore, when asked to discuss the day to day workings of the company, Mark was quick to stress the fact “software was only half the story” and that Waterford Technologies “provides the toolset to completely manage email and file data”

Towards the latter end, Mark addressed the recent HSE cyber attack and what the future may entail for organisations such as Waterford Technologies in Ireland.

To listen to the podcast click here, or see the attachment below:

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