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Aviation Pipeline – New Pipeline from Dublin Port to Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is a gateway of prime importance to the island of Ireland. It serves incoming and outgoing commercial passenger and freight travel as well as incoming and outgoing tourist and leisure passenger travel. It is of high level importance to the Irish economy and to Irish society. Currently, aviation fuel supplies for Dublin Airport are transported from Dublin Port to Dublin Airport via road tankers.

The proposed new aviation fuel pipeline is designed to replace the existing road delivery system. Fuel will be pumped from existing tanks within the Port via a new inlet station direct to a new reception station where the pipeline will terminate. The fuel will be stored in storage tanks at Dublin Airport.

Key Benefits:

  • Long term benefits to the Irish Economy
  • The pipeline is more than 90 times safer than the existing mode by road tanker
  • The pipeline will remove over 15,000 fuel tankers each year from public roads (at current demands).
  • It will reduce CO2 emissions by at least 500 Tonnes per annum.
  • The pipeline will provide a sustainable and secure means of fuel supply for Dublin Airport.


Aviation Pipeline- New Pipeline from Dublin Port to Dublin Airport –Traffic Disruption Clonshaugh Road North –( thats the road you would take from Clayton Hotel / Circle K over to turn right onto Baskin Lane )

A lot of Portmarnock and Malahide commuters use this route on a regular basis and will be affected.

Work is to start on this project in the Clonshaugh area in early November ( There will be a lane closure system of traffic control Clonshaugh Road north ) in place from early November 2019 to Friday 13th December 2019 . Works will cease from 14th December and recommence in early January 2020 for a period of 6 weeks.

More info : http://aviationfuelpipeline.com/

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