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The Irish business providing over 2000 clubs with sports club automation has teamed up with STATSports to make sport accessible for all. The partnership between Clubforce and STATSports will be another step in creating a sports technology ecosystem for the future, one which makes sport inclusive by making advanced performance analysis accessible to all. STATSports provides
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Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) has launched an updated GeoHive, the state’s Geospatial Data Infrastructure with the support of the Office of the government Chief Information Officer.  An online treasury of interactive maps, geospatial data and apps, GeoHive provides unprecedented access to data about Ireland that can be accessed by everyone. GeoHive allows public service
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Services.LocalGov.ie provides the public with clear, accessible and user-friendly information about local government services all in one place. The website, launched by Minister of State for Local Government, Peter Burke was developed by the Local Government Management Agency with support from the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage and the County and City
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A €6.7m expansion of NovaUCD, the centre for new ventures and entrepreneurs at University College Dublin (UCD), has been officially opened. The project involved the renovation and expansion of NovaUCD’s East Courtyard and will see the centre increasing its capacity to house high-tech start-ups with global ambitions by over 50%. The new facility includes more […]
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The WiSAR Technology Gateway, at LYIT, has unveiled a new €170,000 state of the art, revolutionary scanning technology. The 8-axis portable CMM (coordinate measuring machine) arm is equipped with an ultra-high precision scanner and related software, following a successful submission to last year’s Enterprise Ireland, Capital Equipment Fund. The advanced technology will see
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Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris, has launched ‘Speak Out’ – the anonymous tool to report violence and harassment in higher education institutions. Speak Out is an online and anonymous reporting platform for incidents of: bullying cyberbullying harassment discrimination hate crime coercive behaviour
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Dublin is one of eight semi-finalists for the 2021 European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) awards, recognising cities across Europe that best promote and foster innovation. The top prize for the competition is €1million with €100,000 for two runner-ups. The European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) awards is an annual recognition prize awarded to the European cities […]
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Every summer, millions of people across the country stay indoors to keep cool and stay healthy. In a summer where temperatures skyrocket, there’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of a crisp, air-conditioned room. These are the reasons we should love water batteries. But heat is not just inconvenient; it can be dangerous, especially because of the […]
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Innovate Limerick through Film in Limerick has partnered with Gorm Media to launch a new diversity initiative to support under-represented in the film and TV industry. Supported by Screen Skills Ireland, the initiative responds to the under-representation of people from culturally and ethnically diverse communities working in Irish filmmaking, and the barriers faced by