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Clare County Heritage Plan 2023-2029 – Have Your Say

Clare County Council are preparing the fourth Clare County Heritage Plan for the years 2023-2029. The Council are seeking your views on the key priorities and opportunities for Clare’s heritage over the next six years. The Heritage Plan will address natural, architectural, archaeological and cultural heritage.

Why is Clare County Council Developing a Heritage Plan?

The Clare County Heritage Plan is the Clare County Council’s statement of intent in relation to the heritage of County Clare. Our built, natural and cultural heritage is an invaluable asset which gives each place, town, village and community its distinct identity and sense of place and provides a high-quality environment for all. Each heritage site in the county is unique and has its own intrinsic value. A variety of disciplines working together are required to fully describe, value and conserve these sites.

Heritage also contributes to the economy of the county through tourism and by making County Clare an attractive place to work and to locate a business. Our heritage is there to be experienced and enjoyed as part of everyday life by everyone in the community.

County Clare Heritage Plan 2023-2029

Clare County Council has implemented three Heritage Plans since 2003. The formulation of a fourth plan presents an opportunity to reassess the priorities of the Heritage Plan within the current context of the county, the local authority and the work of the Heritage Office. Much has changed since the adoption of the first Heritage Plan for County Clare in 2003. The importance of heritage is now well accepted both within the local authority and the wider community. Best practice advice and conservation of all aspects of heritage is an integral part of Clare County Council’s service delivery. The deepening climate crisis and global biodiversity collapse form a backdrop to all our work and will drive much of our work in the coming years. In addition, National Policy on heritage has moved on, with the publication and review of the National Biodiversity Action Plan and the Heritage Council Strategic Plan 2023- 2028 ‘Our Place in Time’.

What is Heritage?

Heritage includes our landscapes, countryside, rivers and lakes, our archaeological sites and buildings, our history, folklore, language and customs. All the elements of our heritage add up to give each town, village and local area its identity and sense of place, it’s character and distinctiveness. A positive approach to heritage management enhances quality of life and environmental sustainability and plays a vital role in ensuring that our local areas and communities are good places to live and work.     

How can you get involved?

You can take part in the pre-draft consultation process by:

  • Completing the online survey at: during the period from 21st July 2023 to 21st August 2023 inclusive.
  • Making a submission/observation on the new Clare County Heritage Plan 2023-2029 during the period from 21st July 2023 to 21st August 2023 inclusive.

A submission/observation can be submitted by one of the following methods:

  • In writing to: Clare County Heritage Plan 2023-2029, Planning Department, Clare County Council, New Road, Ennis, Co Clare. V95 DXP2
  • By email to: [email protected] Subject headline should read “Clare County Heritage Plan 2023-2029”

All submissions should include your name and address, and where relevant, details of any organisation, community group or company etc., which you represent.

Source: Clare County Council

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