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County Donegal Development Plan Comes Into Effect

The new County Donegal Development Plan 2018-2024 has now come into effect.

Adopted by the elected members of Donegal County Council on May 9th of this year, it is the first consolidated Plan for the entire functional area of Donegal County Council which includes the former Town Council areas of Letterkenny, Buncrana and Bundoran.

This new County Donegal Development Plan supersedes not just the County Donegal Development Plan 2012-2018 but also the Letterkenny and Environs Development Plan 2009-2015, the Buncrana and Environs Development Plan 2014-2020 and the BundoranDonegal and Environs Development Plan 2009-2015.

This new Plan has been two years in the making with extensive public consultation and engagement with numerous stakeholders.

Chief Executive of Donegal County Council Seamus Neely believes that the timing of adopting this Plan is excellent due to being adopted so quickly after the publication of the new National Planning Framework.

“The timing is excellent in that this Plan was adopted shortly after the publication of the new National Planning Framework which designated Letterkenny as a regional centre for growth and recognised the Letterkenny, Derry and Strabane City Region.  This is a very important document for the development of the county and will have a key role to play in realising the potential that Donegal and indeed the North West region has,” he said.

Cathaoirleach Cllr. Gerry McMonagle acknowledged the role played by the elected members.

“This is a very important Plan for Donegal.  It sets the land-use policy framework that will guide the future development of the county for the next six years.  Making a Plan such as this and with such significance for the future well being of everyone is no easy task and at times very difficult decisions must be made.  I would like to thank my colleagues on Donegal County Council for making these difficult decisions and engaging in the process in such a constructive and positive way.”

Copies of the County Development Plan 2018 -2024 key documents are available at www.donegalcoco.ie . Other background documents will also be uploaded imminently.

Copies will be made available for inspection in the coming days during normal office hours at Council Offices and public libraries across the county.  The Plan can also be purchased by contacting the Council’s Central Planning Unit on 074 91 53900.

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