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Department of Transport Publishes ‘Five Cities Demand Management’ Research Report

The Department of Transport has published the final phase of the Five Cities Demand Management Research Report.

The Report, which was conducted by Systra LTD on behalf of the Department, helps us to better understand what drives transport demand and how we can encourage a greater shift to more sustainable and healthier forms of travel in Ireland’s five largest urban centres—Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Limerick, and Galway. The findings from this Study will constitute a valuable resource for National and Local Authorities as they work to implement complementary demand management policy measures at national and local level over the coming years.

This Study supports the delivery of desirable outcomes outlined in the 2021 Climate Action Plan as we work to decarbonise our transport system and address the challenges of climate change.

As part of the overall Study, a wide range of measures have been identified and assessed in terms of their impact in reducing emissions, tackling congestion, improving air quality, and improving the overall urban environment of the five cities. This includes measures such as, reallocating road space from cars to prioritise walking, cycling and public transport; delivering safer walking and cycling options; reducing parking provision; and introducing the concept of 15- minute neighbourhoods – where all the daily needs of a city’s population can be reached by a short walk, cycle or public transport journey.

The outputs of the completed Research Report provide a series of evidence-based demand management recommendations for each of our 5 cities (ranked in order of effectiveness) along with a national roadmap for delivery.

The next steps will be for the Department of Transport to engage with Regional Assemblies and Local Authorities to identify a pathway for the implementation of demand management measures in the coming years.

The Five Cities Demand Management Recommendations Report and Executive Summary are available to view here.

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