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Dublin City Council Launches New Tourism Strategy at Global Culture Summit

Dublin City Council launched its new Tourism Strategy 2023-2028 at the United Cities & Local Governments (UCLG) Global Culture Summit hosted by Dublin City Council and the Dublin City Council Culture Company.  

The launch of the strategy comes days after Dublin City was awarded the prestigious title of European Capital of Smart Tourism 2024 by the European Commission in Brussels.  

Speaking at the launch, Mary MacSweeney, Acting Executive Manager Culture Recreation and Economic Services, Dublin City Council said, “Dublin is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and is a key driver for tourism throughout the island of Ireland. Our new Tourism Strategy is underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the signing of the Glasgow Declaration on Sustainable Tourism, will focus on developing Dublin as a destination, which works for visitors, locals and our environment. We will use this new strategy and our title of European Capital of Smart Tourism as a vehicle to drive sustainable tourism in Dublin City.”

Barry Rogers, Head of Dublin City Tourism Unit, brought the audience through the strategy and tourism vision for the city. 

Dublin is a city where people, their places and the things they do are at the heart of a thriving and sustainable tourism offer. Visitors can include anyone, from anywhere, and tourism in Dublin can happen anywhere and be about anything. People value tourism as an important part of our social, cultural, environmental and economic health and experience Dublin as a safe and clean city where all visitors can connect to its many people, places and stories. 

To access the full Dublin City Council Tourism Strategy 2023-2028 as presented at the Global Culture Summit, please follow this link  Dublin City Council Tourism Strategy 2023-2028  

Source: Dublin City Council

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