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First Bike Bunkers For Fingal Installed in Balbriggan

Fingal got it’s first bike bunkers this month with two units installed in Barnwall Court, Balbriggan. Designed to provide secure, covered bike parking for up to 6 adult bikes per bunker and with 2 bunkers installed, this innovative storage solution from manufacturer Castit Ltd is a step forward for Active Travel in Balbriggan.

Fingal County Council’s Walking and Cycling Officer, Stephen McGinn, says the bike bunkers are a great option for secure, dry bike parking that removes on-street obstructions for walkers and those with visual impairments in areas where street space for parking is limited, stating, “these new bike bunkers are an ideal way to provide safe bike parking for apartments or high-density housing areas. Choosing Active Travel by taking your bike to work, school or the shops should be easy and with the new bike bunkers, Barnwall residents can grab their wheels and get going without worry.”

“We’re delighted to be installing the bike bunkers and are looking forward to seeing them in lots more areas of Fingal in the coming year as we look to scale up this bike parking model to meet the demand for secure bike parking from those who don’t have access to sheds, gardens and underground storage.”

The Pilot is being run in partnership with the resident’s association and management company, residents who want to reserve a space should contact their representative in Barnwall Court Management Company CLG. The bike bunkers have been installed on the grounds of Barnwall Court in existing car parking spaces outside Blocks B and D.

Director for Environment, Climate Action and Active Travel, David Storey, says bike bunkers are just one solution available to make cycling an easier choice for communities across Fingal, “in the past two years we’ve introduced bike sharing and e-bike sharing schemes that offer affordable access to bikes for those on the move, we’ve opened up new cycling routes around the county and we’re working to remove barriers to safe cycling like kissing gates where we can. We know Active Travel is the most climate positive, inclusive and sustainable choice for the future of our communities and Fingal County Council will continue to work hard to deliver infrastructure that helps everyone access Active Travel whenever and wherever they need it.”

Cllr Tony Murphy welcomed the new addition as a positive step for the town, saying, “in Balbriggan we’re seeing more and more people making the move to Active Travel. We see many people now using Bleeper bikes to get to the shops, hiring Tier e-bikes to join their commute at the train station transfer and of course huge numbers of people are cycling for pleasure too. Providing secure, reliable locking facilities like these bike bunkers is a great way to support that positive uptake and interest in cycling and I look forward to seeing more of these facilities added in Balbriggan and further afield.”

Source: Fingal County Council

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