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Pandemic Impacts on The Food Industry

Pictured above: Gavin Cassidy and Eoin Lennon, founder of Porter and Nash.

In last week’s Podcast we spoke to Gavin Cassidy, the Co-founder and CEO of Porter and Nash.

Porter and Nash is a new Irish Food Co. based in Wicklow. They produce a variety of unique sauces using Irish Sea Vegetables. The sauces themselves are created by Gavin and Eoin Lennon (Co-founder) and are aimed at home cooks who are looking to expand their flavour pallet.

Moreover, their sauces and gravies also appeal to a wider market as they are also Vegan and Celiac friendly.

In this podcast, Gavin, along with our Council Editor Jack Mullen spoke about a wide range of topics. Firstly, the inspiration behind the business was discussed. Here Gavin gave us an insight about why him and Eoin set it up, and furthermore, why they felt the need to use ingredients such as seaweed to highlight the quality of produce that this country has at its doorstep.

In the middle and latter part of the Q&A, Gavin spoke about some of the difficulties that have arisen over the past 12 months, and how he and his team have tried to overcome some of these of difficulties. In addition, he mentioned how Covid-19 has in his opinion accelerated certain trends that were thought to be already taking place in the food industry.

Lastly, in lockdown in 2020/2021, with cooking demonstrations off, Gavin talked about how he and Eoin turned their attention to devising helpful recipes to post online. This way, their passion for integrating their sauces into vibrant meals could continue to reach people. With so many more people cooking at home over the past year, their recipes have been warmly received and they hope to turn it into a full cookbook in the future, with a focus on embracing a flexitarian diet. 

To listen to the Podcast please see HERE or alteneranty See Below:

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