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Incredible Activities and Experiences On Offer to Holidaymakers in Limerick

People planning on taking a late summer/ early autumn break would be advised to check out Limerick as an incredible value destination with a wide range of activities and experiences on offer.

As promoted in the Limerick 11 Summer Tourism Marketing Campaign, Limerick has something to suit everyone.

From immersing yourself in the county’s fascinating history to cycling along Limerick Greenway, enjoying a vibrant city break with lots to do and see to a more relaxed stay in a rural setting, Limerick has it all.

And what’s more, Limerick has incredible value.

They want you to discover new adventures, escape to the great outdoors and uncover the sights, sounds and secrets of Limerick city and county.

As part of Summer 2022 in Limerick, the Marketing and Communications Department of Limerick City and County Council has curated 11 great itineraries, each as enjoyable and accessible as the next, for visitors to check out and enjoy when they arrive.

They are:

Meanwhile, almost 11,000 entries were received as part of the Limerick 11 Summer Campaign competition which highlights the large and eager audience available who would like to holiday and visit in Limerick.

The competition element of the campaign included not-to-be-missed and unique prizes consisting of visitor experiences, accommodation packages, retail, attraction and amenity vouchers, from stakeholders across Limerick city and county.

Limerick 11 Summer Campaign gives a special nod to a rich heritage dating all the way back to the 10th century when the Vikings first landed on our shores.

This authentic and rich history is used as a springboard to showcase what Limerick has to offer to visitors and tourists alike today.

Head of Marketing & Communications Donn O’Sullivan said, “there is incredible value for visitors in Limerick, and we would encourage those thinking of a late summer or early autumn break to put Limerick at the top of their list. We have a rich and varied history, dating back centuries, for people to discover. The Limerick 11 campaign successfully highlights the activities and experiences on offer and we want to remind people that Limerick city and county continues to be a top destination as we look to the Autumn.”

Source: Limerick City & County Council

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