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Launch of South Dublin County Council’s Park Ranger E-Bikes

The Mayor of South Dublin County, Cllr Peter Kavanagh, officially welcomed the introduction of two new e-bikes this week. The bikes are for use by park rangers in Tymon and Corkagh Park.  

Through the implementation of our Climate Change Action Plan 2019-2024 South Dublin County Council is committed to reducing its climate change impact and they are working towards a 51% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

In pursuit of this target and funded by the Council’s Climate Innovation Fund, the e-bikes are helping to transition the transport requirements of their park rangers away from traditional methods such as greenhouse gas emitting diesel- or petrol-powered vans, while assisting them in efficiently covering the extensive acreage of South Dublin parks.

The e-bikes are being used both for journeys within parks and between parks, for example via South Dublin’s greenways. As such, the e-bikes also contribute towards reducing the negative impact that diesel- or petrol-powered vehicles have on air quality.


Additionally, the e-bikes provide the rangers with greater access and visibility of their parks as they can travel where vans cannot, while minimising disruption to park users that the larger vehicles can cause. Their park rangers on their e-bikes are now more visible to citizens and more approachable. In this way, daily citizen interactions with climate action in South Dublin are also increasing. 

More information on South Dublin County Council’s climate action can be found here and through our social channels by searching the hashtag #SDCCClimateAction.

Source: South Dublin County Council

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