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Limerick City Launches New Video Campaign

Limerick City and county council launched a new video campaign called ‘Our Council, Our Stories’. The videos focus on the plethora of diverse county council employees in order to educate citizens about the day to day tasks of their local workforce. These videos, created by Southern Media and launched by the marketing department in Limerick City, feature workers going about their daily routines. The first video follows Alphonsus O’Regan, a traffic warden from Kilmallock, as he goes about his typical day. Upcoming videos will include segments about  a number of different fields such as firefighters, artists, water safety officers, and park superintendents. There will even be a video featuring the town’s newest brewery, Treaty City Brewery.

James Collins, the mayor of Limerick City said:  “I’m always amazed at how many people do not realise the extent of the work that a local authority does. Limerick City and county council provides almost 600 public services as well as promoting the interests of local communities across the city and county and the social, economic, environmental, recreational and cultural development of Limerick.  Our council has enabled a great renaissance and a lot of change in Limerick over the last five years and this campaign is a nice way to tell some of those stories in the best way possible; through the people that work here.” These videos will hopefully raise citizen awareness about the constant upkeep and work that goes into making their communities thrive, as well as allow the workers to feel recognized and appreciated.

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