Limerick Public Participation Network now has 100 members

The Limerick Public Participation Network now has 100 members and is calling on community and voluntary groups and organisations to help citizens take an active role in policy development committees of Limerick City and County Council. The Public Participation Network allows community groups around the country to connect with their local authority to give citizens a greater say in local government decision making. The PPN is managed by a committee of volunteers, called the Secretariat, on behalf of all its members.

Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Cllr Michael Sheahan said: “Public Participation Networks play an important role in the formation of policies which affect all citizens. What is needed is the interest and commitment of all the different sectors to engage with the registration process and in the various opportunities that present themselves through membership of the PPN.”

Patrick Fitzgerald, member of the Limerick PPN Secretariat stated: “A recent example of the different opportunities available to PPN members was the PPN being invited onto the new Implementation Advisory Group for a Directly Elected Mayor for Limerick. This is a significant and historic process that we look forward to participating in through our elected PPN representative.”

“For this to happen – as well as the nominations and elections of PPN representatives to the five Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) of Limerick City and County Council – a new constitution for Limerick PPN is required. This document will give clarity to everyone about the PPN. The draft constitution is currently on the website and members are invited to table amendments to this document, which will be discussed at the next members’ meeting, before being approved.

Noreen Stokes, another member of the Limerick PPN Secretariat, explained: “Many committed and generous volunteers and voluntary groups have worked hard to revitalise Limerick PPN. Everyone involved would like to see the PPN expand well beyond the current membership of 100.”

Registration for Limerick PPN is straightforward: Go onto and click on the Register button, or you can email [email protected]. Details, including eligibility criteria, are on the website.

Or contact the Limerick PPN requesting a paper copy of the registration form. Contact: Mo Foley Walsh, Interim Resource Worker, Limerick PPN, c/o Community Development Directorate, Limerick City and County Council, Merchant’s Quay, Limerick, V94EH90

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