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Louth County Council Lead Works on Cross Border Walking Trail

Louth County Council are leading works on a new cross border looped walking trail, with work on the 8.5km route now almost complete.

Work has been ongoing over recent months on the trail known as ‘Feede Loop’, which will provide a much needed cross border facility to open up and improve access to already popular walking and cycling routes in Ravensdale, Feede, Carrickarnon, Flurrybridge, and Jonesborough, County Armagh in Northern Ireland.

The improvements will see anyone joining the looped trail now able to begin and complete their journey on either side of the border, and easily access the larger trail network within Coillte forests, The Tain Way and other mountain pathways.

Hikers, bikers and walkers will benefit from the installation of seating benches and water bottle filling points. In addition, the trail will feature bi-lingual signage, way markers and interpretative information boards.

A disused picnic area cut-off by construction of the N1/A1 and the M1 motorway has also been restored.

Upgrades have been carried out on a large section of existing gravel forest trail within Feede Loop, ensuring a smoother surface. Repairs and resurfacing works have vastly improved footpaths and cycle tracks along the route.

The Louth County Council managed project also involved works along the edge of the graveyard at the old church in Jonesborough, Co. Armagh, and the creation of a new gravel footpath, making this historic area much more accessible for visitors.

Chief Executive of Louth County Council, Joan Martin, welcomed works on the project nearing completion, saying, “Feede Loop is at the heart of north Louth’s many scenic walking and hiking routes, which attract so many visitors to our beautiful county, and are hugely popular with local people too. It is wonderful to see work on this trail greatly improve access to forests and mountain pathways within the cross border area.”

Source: Louth County Council

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