Governor Makhlouf of Central Bank makes Outreach Visit to Meath

Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland Gabriel Makhlouf met with local businesses across Meath today during his outreach visit to the Royal County, where he asked business leaders about their experience of the economy and what is happening on the ground. The Governor also discussed the Central Bank’s consultation on the Consumer Protection Code, saying he was keen to hear the views of local communities. He also asked for views on the banking sector and the level of support for business.

At a meeting with food producer Kepak in Clonee, the Governor explored how Brexit had changed the operations of the sector. He also discussed innovation in the food sector, the labour market and the economic challenges facing the industry. The Governor also travelled to Duleek to visit its waste management company Indaver, where he discussed the circular economy, developments in the energy sector and infrastructural development.

Commenting on the visit to Meath, Governor Makhlouf said: “It is extremely important to me that I get to visit and hear from communities from all parts of Ireland. I enjoyed meeting with business leaders across Meath today to discuss the economic opportunities and challenges they are facing on the ground. Meath is one of the fastest-growing counties in Ireland and is a key driver of the county’s population growth due to its close proximity to the capital. There is a lot of growth across many sectors in the local area.”

“It is important that the Central Bank listens to and engages with people all around Ireland and that our work is informed by real-life experiences and viewpoints. We want to listen to local businesses and people about what they are experiencing in the economy, how inflation is impacting their lives, and talking about why the ECB has raised interest rates.”

“Our job is to maintain monetary and financial stability, and to do that, we need to understand the impact of our policies on people’s lives. We are acutely aware of that impact and today’s discussion with diverse businesses and sectors will be invaluable to us.”

The visit is one of a series of local events that the Governor will attend around Ireland this year.


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