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New Publication by Dublin City Council Historians Launched

‘History on your Doorstep: Volume 4’, the latest in a series of publications by the Historians in Residence, was launched by Lord Mayor of Dublin Alison Gilliland at an event in Dublin City Hall.

The publication includes chapters from each of the Historians-in-Residence, Cathy Scuffil, James Curry, Mary Muldowney and Cormac Moore, who work across the different administrative areas of Dublin City to talk to people about history and promote its sources and discussion, especially the historical collections in Dublin City Library and Archive.

Also featured in the publication is Dublin’s Historian-in-Residence for Children, Dervilia Roche, who reflects on her first year in a role that involves bringing history and Dublin to life with children, planting the seeds for a lifelong connection to history.

Speaking about the publication of ‘History on your Doorstep’, Lord Mayor of Dublin Alison Gilliland said, “Dublin’s Historians-in-Residence have brought the history of Dublin people, places, industries and monuments to life in the latest volume of ‘History on your Doorstep’.”

“The five chapters in this volume focus on varied topics, but are united by the authors’ shared desire to explore the different ways in which our city’s past influences its present. I would encourage everyone with an interest in the world around them to pick up a copy to discover something new about Dublin City.”

The Historians-in-Residence have an important role in helping the people of Dublin City feel a connection to their local history, according to Dublin City Librarian, Mairead Owens, “over the past few years, the Historians-in-Residence have contributed to unearthing and retelling untold and long forgotten histories of Dublin communities.”

“By engaging with local communities, the Historians-in-Residence are bringing history out of our libraries and onto the streets of Dublin to be explored by young and old, Dubliner and blow-in alike. ‘History on your Doorstep’ is a testament to their work and a timely reminder of the importance of engaging with and learning from the past.”

Iseult Byrne, CEO of Dublin City Council Culture Company added, “we are delighted to partner with Dublin City Libraries to launch this volume of ‘History on your Doorstep’ and the overall Historian-in-Residence programme. We look forward to working with the historians to present a fantastic programme of events and activities this year in all of the neighbourhoods across Dublin.”

“It’s a key aim for the Culture Company to find more ways for people to engage with the cultural places and spaces in their own neighbourhoods, and the Historians-in-Residence programmes provide so many opportunities for this.”

Dublin’s Historians-in-Residence featured in the book are:

  • James Curry, Dublin North West Area, who writes about footballer and manager, Patrick O’Connell;
  • Cormac Moore, Dublin North Central Area, writing about the history of the Incorporated Hospital of Ireland;
  • Mary Muldowney, Dublin Central Area, who tours war memorials in Dublin;
  • Cathy Scuffil, Dublin South East and South Central Areas; who unearths why weaving became a dominant industry in the Liberties; and
  • Dervilia Roche, Historian-in-Residence for Children, who explores how we can bring the past to life for children by finding new and creative ways to connect through history.

Copies of ‘History on your Doorstep’ can be picked up free-of-charge from Dublin City Libraries, and it’s also available as an eBook from

Source: Dublin City Council

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