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New RCSI Podcast to Share Insights on Medical Professionalism

A new podcast from RCSI Centre for Professionalism in Medicine and Health Sciences will explore the complex topic of medical professionalism, which is at the core of the patient-clinician relationship and fundamental for patient safety and the delivery of highest-quality healthcare.

RCSI’s vision is to advance medical professionalism to benefit patients through research, education and the enhancement of clinical practice.  

Professionalism Matters is aimed at illuminating some of the more challenging issues in professionalism including unprofessional behaviours, empathy, advocacy and burnout.

Professor Denis Harkin, Chair of Professionalism in Medical and Health Sciences, said about the RCSI podcast series on medical professionalism, “professionalism in medicine and health sciences, and its relationship with public trust and patient safety, is constantly evolving. New issues and challenges emerge all the time. We hope that this new podcast gives clinicians the opportunity to reflect and think through how these issues impact their professional lives.”

Professionalism Matters is available on the RCSI website and all podcast streaming platforms. Episodes will go live each Wednesday from 11 October to 15 November, featuring:

Source: RCSI

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