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Postgraduate Diploma in Circular Economy and Recycling Technologies Launching in Trinity College Dublin

In January 2022, Trinity College Dublin is delighted to launch a new blended Postgraduate Diploma course in Circular Economy and Recycling Technologies. The programme, funded by the HEA’s Human Capital Initiative, is designed to provide graduates with the priority skills and critical knowledge needed for the circular economy area. For this reason, applicants who meet the Springboard criteria will receive funding for either 100% or 90% of their fees.

The main goal of this programme is to provide critical education in the circular economy and recycling technologies area. The postgraduate course will examine the recycling, reprocessing and remanufacturing processes required to achieve the Circular Economy framework. It will also explore designs to recover and reuse materials. This course draws on expertise across the Schools of Chemistry, Engineering, Geology and Physics to offer students an multidisciplinary perspective on the global and environmental issues that face all sectors for the circular economy concept to be implemented.

Waste management, scarcity of resources, minimizing emissions and energy use, while maximizing selective reuse and recycling processes are extremely important for further economic growth, reduction of environmental impacts and to tackle climate disruption. By keeping products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value and by closing the loop of product life cycles, this concept offers an alternative solution.

The application deadline for this new and exciting course is the 29th of November (Non E.U. applications) and the 17th of December (E.U. applications).

For more information, read our course brochure here. To register your interest in the postgraduate diploma in Circular Economy and Recycling Technologies, email

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