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Red Bull Launches State-of-the-Art Gaming Hub at SETU Waterford

Red Bull has unveiled a new gaming hub at South East Technological University (SETU) in Waterford, Ireland. The Red Bull Gaming Hub is the first of its kind at a third-level institute in the country and is designed to support the development of third-level gamers. The hub aims to help SETU students of all abilities enhance their skills and connect with leading partners in the global gaming industry.

Equipped with Xbox consoles, an immersive sound system, and comfortable gaming bean bags, the hub features a casual gaming area for students to relax and play. There is also a chill-out area where students can bring their own laptops, connect to the high-speed network, and work on creative projects while enjoying a cold can of Red Bull.

The centerpiece of the gaming hub is a custom-made 10-sided gaming table that allows for 5v5 gaming sessions on top-of-the-range gaming PCs. This unique feature provides students with a dedicated space to collaborate and compete in esports tournaments.

The Red Bull Gaming Hub will not only serve as a space for students to practice and improve their gaming skills but will also host national gaming tournaments, interactive workshops, and live stream events. Irish gamers will also have the opportunity to qualify for global esports tournaments through events hosted in the hub.

Katie Redmond, SETU Sports Manager, expressed excitement about the new facility, stating that it aims to create a sports community where all students participating in esports receive the same support and facilities as traditional sports teams.

One of the first events to be held at the hub is the Irish National Finals of the Red Bull Campus Clutch VALORANT tournament in November. The tournament, exclusively for third-level education students, offers a cash prize of €20,000 and culminates in the World Finals hosted in Istanbul.

The Red Bull Gaming Hub at SETU Waterford marks a significant investment by Red Bull in the Irish gaming scene and highlights the brand’s commitment to supporting esports and student gaming across the world.

Source: Game Is Hard

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