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Revolut Launches Credit Cards for Customers in Ireland

Online bank Revolut is to start rolling out credit cards to existing customers in Ireland.

The company says the approval process will be immediate for those who are eligible and that the Revolut app will give users the option to set a budget for credit spending.

There is no interest for the first three months as long as users make monthly minimum payments, after that APR is 17.99%.

Customers will be able to create virtual credit cards while waiting for physical cards to arrive, and these cards can be added to mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Joe Heneghan, CEO of Revolut Europe, said, “we’re delighted to add Revolut credit cards to our financial super app, giving our customers in Ireland more control and flexibility over their personal finances in a responsible way.”

“We’ve developed the technology to provide credit cards to approved customers with limits tailored to affordability, so they can get the credit they need, when they need it.”

Last month, Revolut announced that its two million customers in Ireland would be migrated over to an Irish IBAN number in the coming months. It followed the decision of the company to set up an Irish branch of its European business, Revolut Bank UAB, and begin migrating customers here to it. The move should enable Irish based users to send and receive money more easily, because until now they have had a Lithuanian IBAN for their accounts.

Last year, the online bank began offering personal loans in Ireland.

Source: RTÉ

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