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Sligo Cathaoirleach Welcomes Korean Ambassador to County Hall

Cathaoirleach, Councillor Gerard Mullaney, welcomed the Republic of Korean Ambassador to Ireland, His Excellency Ambassador Yong-kil Kim, to Sligo County Council County Hall recently.

Also in attendance were Deputy Chief Executive, Dorothy Clarke, Councillors Arthur Gibbons and Marie Casserly, Director of Services John Moran and Jim Molloy

Only a few decades ago, Ireland could have been considered a relatively insular society with only modest engagement with other countries  Ireland is now a proudly multicultural community, one that embraces inclusion and celebrates diversity.

Sligo, with its rugged coastlines, majestic mountains, and vibrant arts scene, has long been a source of inspiration for artists, poets, and musicians. Just like the breathtaking beauty of Sligo, the relationship between Korea and Ireland is built on a shared appreciation for culture, creativity, and innovation.

The Council celebrated the unique connection between Sligo and Korea. They recognise the immense potential for collaboration and the opportunities that lie ahead. Sligo’s thriving industries in sectors such as agri-food, tourism, and renewable energy align closely with Korea’s expertise and interests. Their shared commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship creates a solid foundation for fruitful partnerships.

Beyond the realm of commerce, cultural exchanges have enriched our understanding of each other’s traditions, arts, and heritage. From the vibrant colours of traditional Korean Hanbok to the soulful melodies of Irish music, our cultures have found common ground, inspiring creativity and forging lasting friendships.

The Korean Embassy plays a very positive role in working alongside state agencies to promote inward trade and investment. They have supported Irish companies in trying to identify new markets, and they assist companies with their network of business contacts. 

As the Council look to the future, there is no doubt that the relationship between Ireland and Korea will continue to grow from strength to strength. Ireland must seize the opportunities that lie before us and explore untapped potential in various sectors. By nurturing mutual understanding and deepening engagement, Ireland can unlock new avenues for collaboration and create a better future.

Source: Sligo County Council

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