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South Dublin County Council Launches Halloween Safety and Environmental Awareness Campaign

South Dublin County Council has launched a Halloween Safety and Environmental Awareness Campaign for all of the community.

This year, to raise awareness and to encourage citizens to stay safe, the Council has published a colourful information leaflet providing facts and tips on how to stay safe at Halloween. The leaflet also contains details of the various family events hosted by South Dublin County Council’s Libraries. Members of the public can find information on incentives offered by the Council to avoid damage to community open spaces as a result of illegal bonfires. “Bulbs Not Bonfires” is a reward available through the Council’s innovative Social Credits Scheme. This initiative provides communities with flowers in the spring in return for organising alternative Halloween activities which will not harm our environment.

A free pass to Ballymount Civic Amenity Centre will be provided to every Social Credit applicant / group from Monday 16 October to encourage recycling, one pass allows one entry for one car and will be valid until Friday 24 November 2023.

As Halloween is fast approaching, Mayor of South Dublin County Council, Cllr Alan Edge said, “Halloween can be a fun time but it’s very important that people enjoy it safely and responsibly. South Dublin County Council works closely with An Garda Síochána, Dublin Fire Brigade and the Ambulance Services in an effort to keep people safe during this festive period. This year, I really want to encourage people not to take part in bonfires, which are illegal, and which have an appalling impact on the environment and instead to participate in the Council’s Bulbs not Bonfires initiative. Bonfires cause serious damage to our public spaces as well as being a strain on our hardworking emergency services. I would urge businesses not to leave material that could be used for bonfires lying around and for members of the public to report ‘stashes’ of bonfire material to the Council.”

“Fireworks are illegal and highly dangerous. They can also be very distressing for vulnerable people, those with sensory issues and pets, who can become very traumatised at Halloween. Please bear that in mind when deciding how to celebrate this year. Please enjoy the festivities safely and responsibly. There are lots of fun and safe ways you can enjoy Halloween, including a range of events in our Libraries.”

South Dublin County Council encourages all our citizens to get into the ‘spirit’ and above all stay safe and enjoy halloween!

Source: South Dublin County Council

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