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TFI Leap Card Passes 5 Million Mark

The National Transport Authority (TFI) marked the recent sale of the 5 millionth Leap Card, the convenient way to pay for public transport services in across the country. Despite the challenges faced by the public transport sector over the past 18 months, Leap has continued to grow and become ever more essential.

Of the 5 million cards issued to date, close to 32,115 have been sold in July, the highest figure since February 2020.

Since the sale of the first edition, nearly 10 years ago, the Leap Card has enabled over 840 million journeys.

The card has emerged as the preferred payment for passengers across the country, with customers saving up to 32% on their public transport journeys. In the Greater Dublin Area, some 70% of public transport journeys are now paid for using Leap.

Overall, the scheme has generated in both sales and top ups over €1.8 billion, saving those who use the scheme millions in cheaper and capped fares.

In welcoming the announcement NTA CEO Anne Graham said, “we are delighted to see the Leap Card reach new heights as sales pass the 5 million mark. Leap has become an integral piece of technology for the travelling public across the country and will continue to do so.”

“Not only are passengers benefiting from discounts of up to 32% in their everyday journeys, they’re also availing of Leap’s increasing functionality. With the roll-out this year of the IOS Leap Card Top-up App we have made the scheme even more accessible and easy to use, and this autumn, as part of BusConnects Dublin, we will be introducing a 90-minute fare for Leap customers in the Dublin area.”

“We will continue to respond positively to customer feedback, so that new innovations are integrated into the scheme. By doing so, we will ensure that Leap continues to grow as the safe payment method of choice for our customers.”

Source: Transport for Ireland

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