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Xplore Your Future TY Skills Expo Attracts Huge Number of TY Students From Across Ireland

Fingal County Council, in conjunction with Dublin City University (DCU), Dublin Regional Skills Forum (DRSF), the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science (DFERIS) proudly hosted the inaugural “Xplore Your Future TY Skills Expo” across three levels at The Helix.

The ground-breaking initiative, organised as part of the Fingal Skills Strategy and the European Year of Skills 2023, looked to provide TY students with inspiration for their educational and career prospects, with interactive exhibits, informative workshops, and engaging presentations aimed at stimulating the imaginations of the young students attending for their future endeavours.

The first-ever event received an overwhelmingly positive response from exhibitors, students, and educators, sparking a new interest in exploration and learning for those involved. Xplore was seen as an innovative platform for sharing knowledge and building valuable connections between young talents and industry leaders. Attendees left the event with fresh insights, motivation, and a better understanding of the many educational and career opportunities available to them.

The Expo garnered significant attention and acclaim from various stakeholders, with the Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Adrian Henchy, saying, “this has proven to be a major success in fostering learning and engagement among TY students from right across the country. It is a testament to the commitment of Fingal to provide our youth with a platform to explore their educational and career options. Events like these are vital in helping our students make informed decisions about their futures.”

Xplore featured a diverse range of exhibitors, including leading universities, vocational schools, institutes of further and higher education, industry professionals, and career experts, all eager to share their knowledge and insights with the young attendees. Students had the opportunity to interact with representatives from various fields, ask questions, and gain valuable advice to help shape their prospects both on an educational front and in terms of careers.

AnnMarie Farrelly, Chief Executive of Fingal County Council, said, “this marks a significant milestone in Ireland’s educational landscape. I am extremely proud that Fingal is once again at the forefront of delivering much-needed initiatives like Xplore, reaffirming our commitment to shaping a brighter future for our community’s youth. This event truly ignited a passion for exploration and learning, and I hope that we will be welcoming even more schools, students, and educators in the years to come.”

The inaugural event also showcased cutting-edge technologies, innovation, and the importance of skills development in a rapidly evolving job market. By offering hands-on experiences and thought-provoking discussions, Xplore aimed to empower students to make informed choices that align with their passions and aspirations.

Frank Kilbride of Aramex, and Chair of the Fingal Transport & Logistics Skills Group, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support the event received, saying, “we are thrilled by the response to Xplore. It is our hope that this event has sparked curiosity, inspired dreams, and provided valuable insights to the bright young minds who attended. We look forward to building upon this success as we develop the next chapter of our skill strategy.”

Along with students being able to explore opportunities for education and training for the jobs of the future, the event also managed to offset 340 tons of CO2 carbon emissions during the production of the event, thanks to the support of leading event production company Whitelight and the efforts of decarbonization specialists ClimeAction. Their efforts to neutralise the event’s carbon footprint have allowed for the planting of 1,617 trees, the majority of which will be undertaken in collaboration with Self Help Africa.

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Source: Fingal County Council

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