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New Jobs Created by Local Enterprise Office Limerick Clients in 2021

The annual results of the Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) for 2021 have shown that LEO Limerick supported companies which created 179 net new jobs in the past 12 months. This is the eighth year of year-on-year growth in jobs in Limerick with LEO Limerick supporting a total of 298 small businesses employing 1,825 people.

The net jobs created though LEO Limerick supported clients takes into account companies that transferred on to Enterprise Ireland and amalgamated.

Nationally LEOs are now supporting 35,729 jobs across 7,158 companies. In 2021 there were 7,440 new jobs created by LEO clients companies with a net jobs creation figure of 2,999. This was up 9% nationally on 2020.

The LEOs also provide substantial supports to thousands of other small businesses across the country with programmes such as the Trading Online Voucher, Lean for Micro and Green for Micro, along with training and mentoring.

The Local Enterprise Offices were to the fore in supporting small businesses across the country in 2021, helping thousands to pivot online or adapt their products and services through a large suite of supports. They offered training and mentoring in a range of areas from financial skills and product innovation to starting your own business and maximising your presence online.

Mike Cantwell, Head of Enterprise at LEO Limerick said, “these results are a testament to the resilience of Limerick’s small business community. When faced with adversity, they have adapted, pivoted, upskilled and did whatever it took to sustain their businesses. At the Local Enterprise Office we too had to change how we deliver our services and our staff have gone above and beyond in their support of small businesses during the COVID pandemic and we now face 2022 with renewed optimism.”

“We are seeing new opportunities for Irish businesses across a range of sectors and we can assure all our LEO clients that we will continue to work with both Limerick City and County Council, Enterprise Ireland and others, to ensure our small businesses get the best possible supports and nurture the green shoots emerging across the country.”

Vincent Murray, Director of Economic Development & Enterprise in Limerick City and County Council said, “the job creation figures announced are a huge endorsement of the entrepreneurial and innovation capacity that exists in the Limerick region. The excellent collaboration that exists between the Enterprise Office and new entrepreneur’s starting or growing their businesses has seen a record number of new enterprises started during the numerous lockdowns. The Local Enterprise Office is able to assist new start-ups with access to grant finance to start a business, and more importantly access to knowledge and information through its mentoring and training programs. I would encourage any budding entrepreneurs with a business idea to contact our Local Enterprise Office to discuss their proposals with our excellent staff.”

Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar said, “over 35,000 people employed in small businesses around the country have been helped in some way by our Local Enterprise Offices. They are at the heart of communities in every county, always on hand to provide advice, training or financial backing and have proved invaluable throughout the pandemic, during which I know a huge amount of people relied on their local office.”

“Last year, businesses supported by LEOs created nearly 3,000 net new jobs, which is remarkable given the year we just had. I’m really pleased to see that 85% of these jobs were outside of Dublin, indicating the Government’s focus on balanced regional development is working. These numbers are a real boost and will contribute to our overall target of having 2.5m people in work by 2024. Thank you to all our LEO staff for your phenomenal work over the past year.”

Welcoming the strong employment results, Leo Clancy, CEO of Enterprise Ireland added, “2021 was another very positive year for job creation in companies supported by the Local Enterprise Offices. Companies supported by the Local Enterprise Offices are creating good quality employment across the country and play a vital role in vibrant local economies.”

“Enterprise Ireland’s new strategy ‘Leading in a Changing World’ will see the Local Enterprise Offices and Enterprise Ireland continue to work closely together over the next three years to ensure that companies of all sizes have the best possible support to back their growth and development.”

Source: Limerick City & County Council

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