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A Q&A With Employment Law and Personal Injury Solicitor, Richard Grogan

In this discussion, Richard, along with one of our Council representatives spoke about a variety of topics which according to Richard, seem to be dominating the sphere of both employment law and personal injury.

Moreover, in this podcast, Richard spoke in great detail about the impacts that working from home has had on his industry. In addition, concerns surrounding issues relating to the workplace, data protection, the right to disconnect and the exposure to personal injury were further elaborated upon.

In the latter part of the Q&A, Richard provided useful examples and preventive measure that businesses along with City/County Council representatives can incorporate into their models, if they have not already done so.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, issues relating to the transfer of information between work colleagues in and out of the workplace was talked about. For examples, Richard, drew attention to the rise of claims which relate to the forwarding of content that many workers find inappropriate.

To find out more and to listen to the full podcast, please press play on the attachment below:

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