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Challenging Perceptions of Down Syndrome in Society

Today is World Down Syndrome Day and to celebrate this a unique photography exhibition aimed at challenging perceptions of Down syndrome in society is being launched in the Powerscourt Centre in Dublin city centre later this evening.

The ‘Who Am I?’ exhibition will run until April 30th and presents images and stories of the lives of adults with Down syndrome.

Two years in the making, this creative and eye opening project was devised and curated by members of Down Syndrome Ireland’s National Advisory Council (NAC) in collaboration with a professional photographer, Eric Molimard.

The NAC is made up of people with Down syndrome from around Ireland to represent the views of their peers and ensure people with Down Syndrome have a voice within the organisation.

Council Member Daragh Murphy from Newbridge in Kildare is photographed on the court in the National Basketball Arena in Dublin wearing his basketball kit.

Daragh Murphy, Newbridge, Co. Kildare. Image Credit: Robbie Reynolds.

Speaking about the exhibition, he said:

“The photo shows me on the spot. I’m focused and strong. I took part in the Special Olympics [representing] Leinster [in] basketball. I won an All-Ireland silver medal.  People are special. People are different. Looking at the photos you see what people have achieved. You see who they are.”

President of Down Syndrome Ireland Mary Doherty said:

“This exhibition is about celebrating our adult community and showcasing the diversity of educational and work engagement, the depth of artistic and sporting skill and active community involvement these adults enjoy and have. We are urging the public to come out and  view this unique photography exhibition.”

Following on from April 30th, the exhibition will be available to the Down Syndrome Ireland’s 26 branches around the country to continue building awareness and challenge perceptions.

This Saturday, March 24th, the annual Purple Run will be held in the Phoenix Park to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

Those looking to take part can register here.

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