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Dublin Based Propylon Acquired By RWS Holdings

RWS Holdings has announced the acquisition of Dublin-based Propylon, a provider of content creation, management and publishing solutions for the government, legal, assurance, audit and publishing industries.

Over the past 20 years Propylon has been helping governments standards bodies, legal publishers and regulated firms to solve the complex content challenges involved in drafting, amending, publishing and updating legislation, regulation and guidance. Propylon’s CCMS (Component Content Management System) allows users to author, edit and finalize content through Microsoft Word in a familiar and user-friendly way. Clients include a number of US State legislatures and national parliaments. In addition Propylon also provides software to a range of standards bodies and global regulated professional services organizations, who will benefit from RWS’s integrated localization capabilities.

John Harrington, CEO of Propylon, said, “rule-makers and rule-takers are stuck in a traditional book publishing model, even though they often no longer print documentation. Our component content management approach is based on point-in-time content management, giving us a unique platform for solving the challenges that rule-makers and rule-takers have in managing their content. And now with RWS’s language services and technology, we will be able to help clients reach international, multilingual audiences.”

The acquisition strengthens RWS’s portfolio of structured content solutions with a dedicated platform for rule-makers (governments and standards bodies) and rule-takers (legal, assurance, audit and publishing firms). RWS’s portfolio also includes dedicated solutions for aerospace and defence (Contenta), manufacturing, high-tech and life sciences (Tridion Docs), and the market-leading XML editor (Fonto).

Thomas Labarthe, President of RWS’s Language Services and Technology division, said, “the acquisition is an exciting milestone for both of our businesses and for our global clients. Not only does it extend the geographical opportunity for growth for both companies, but clients will benefit from our complementary technology and services and our ability to help them reach global audiences with our language expertise.”

Both RWS and Propylon share a vision to eliminate and modernize legacy processes and help rule-makers and rule-takers to transform and future-proof their content management workflows. This is achieved by releasing mission-critical from rigid document or publication formats, and managing them in more modular and reusable forms so they can be optimized for AI consumption, digital delivery, localization and machine/API processing.

Source: RWS Holdings

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