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European Mobility Week – Cork City

The Southern Regional Assembly as a partner in the MATCH-UP Interreg Europe project along with our Stakeholders Cork Transport Mobility Forum and Cork City Council was delighted to host 2 free events in Cork City as part of their European Mobility Week actions to help raise awareness of the excellent work that has been done to date to create improved multi-modal low-carbon options in the city. 

The aim of the Match-up project is to look at best practice across Europe on how to improve the interchange between low-carbon means of transport, including cycling and walking, and embed these into mobility strategies in our regions and cities.

The “Race Against Rob” was held on 20th September 2019 in Cork City, Ireland. World Champion, Olympic Medallist and National Record Holder for the 50km walking race – Rob Heffernan a native of the real capital of Cork lead the race. Rob is a community and youth ambassador and was joined by over 70 members of the public to highlight the 2019 European Mobility Week theme “Walk with Us!” – focusing on safe walking and cycling and the ways active mobility can benefit our health and environment.

The public “Raced against Rob” using other low carbon means of transport including cycling, bike hire and public transport.  The race commenced at the newly refurbished transport hub at Kent Train Station and crossed the new Mary Elmes pedestrian and cycle-bridge and highlighted the pedestrian and cycle infrastructure upgraded in recent years.    The event was a huge success and provided the opportunity to raise awareness of the modal interchange improvements that have taken place in Cork City over the past couple of years and encouraged more people to use low carbon transport in the city.

In the afternoon, we held the “MATCH-UP mobility café” in Cork City Library which was an informational event, open to the public to learn about what is next for Cork City. Our main speaker was Sebastiaan van der Hijden the Strategic Mobility Advisor for the Municipality of Utrecht who travelled from The Netherlands to share their good practices with our participants. He provided a presentation outlining the world class good practices that are evident in the Municipality of Utrecht to assist with improving multi modal travel and promoting end to end sustainable journeys.

“This event was a great opportunity for the people of Cork to see the impressive work that the Municipality of Utrecht have undertaken to create travel hubs and increase low carbon transport in their cities” said Rose Power, EU Projects Officer for the Southern Regional Assembly. Presenters included:

Sebastiaan Van Der Hijden, Strategic Mobility Advisor, Municipality of Utrecht, The Netherlands to present “Planning for People (& Bikes), Not for Cars”.

Rodolfo Benevenuto, Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, Trinity College Dublin presented on “Bike Sharing – Connecting Mobility and Activity Hubs in Cork”.

Owen Shinkwin, Senior Planner, National Transport Authority and Kevin Burke, Principal Transport Planner, Jacobs presented the “Proposed Cork Metropolitan Area Transport     Strategy 2040”

Bernie Connolly, Coordinator Cork Environmental Forum, presented “Low Carbon Multi Modal Travel in Cork City”.  

The mobility café was attended by over 60 members of the public who were interested to learn more above the good practices in The Netherlands and also the proposed changes to the Cork City Transport Strategy to 2040.  The café was very interactive with significant input from members of the public and suggestions for further improvements to modal interchange in Cork City.  The Southern Regional Assembly as a partner in the MATCH-UP Interreg project welcomed the opportunity to host such significant events that were well supported by the people of Cork.

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