It’s Set To Get Chilly As Met Eireann Forecasts A Return Of Colder Weather

Stick to some extra layers and wrap up because the weather is set to return to colder conditions, as forecast by Met Eireann.

Conditions today are to remain cool and blustery with afternoon temperatures ranging from 7 to 10 degrees.

Overnight temperatures will range from 0 to +3 degrees across the country with sheltered areas experiencing slight frost. Showers are set to occur in the form of rain mostly, but there is the increasing risk of hail and some wintry falls over highlands.

Wednesday night is forecast to be cold with a sharp frost affecting mainly the east and north with these areas experiencing lowest temperatures of -1 or -2 degrees. Temperatures elsewhere are to drop to between 0 and +2 degrees. Southwestern and western areas of Ireland will be hit with showery rain turning to sleet on higher ground.

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