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Myrtle Square in Dún Laoghaire Marks A New Vibrant Public Space for Everyone

Dún Laoghaire town is set to receive a vibrant addition with the opening of Myrtle Square & Convent Lane. This newly developed public space aims to provide a respite from the bustling urban environment while contributing to the regeneration and vitality of the town. 

Councillor Denis O’Callaghan, Cathaoirleach at Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, said, “climate change action is embedded and integrated into the entire project. We hope that Myrtle Square will serve as a catalyst for the businesses and residents to develop further climate-led projects. Our vision for Dún Laoghaire is to become a low carbon, climate resilient, and sustainable town, with greening at its core.”

Myrtle Square offers a central location where people can meet, relax, and linger peacefully. With pedestrians taking priority over vehicular movements, this space prioritises the needs and safety of its visitors. 

Frank Curran, Chief Executive, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council said, “this newly developed public space aims to provide a respite from the bustling urban environment while contributing to the regeneration and vitality of the town. Seasonal events will further enhance the experience, drawing locals and tourists alike from the seafront into the heart of the town. I would like to thank the NTA who co-funded this project and for their commitment to its strategic outcomes.”

The introduction of trees, green canopies, and soft landscape areas not only enhances the square but also benefits the environment. Trees play a crucial role in attenuating rainfall, intercepting surface run-off, reducing the urban heat island effect, and capturing particulate matter and carbon dioxide. Furthermore, the square’s greening efforts will create a habitat for wildlife in the town. In addition, the landmark canopy structure will act as a frame to grow climbing plants on. 

Minister for the Environment, Climate, Communications & Transport Eamon Ryan who officially open the Square said, “I’m delighted to open the Myrtle Square and the Convent Lane Greening Project. This is urban planning at its best. It’s in tune with nature with its trees and integrated bird and bat boxes. It’s designed and built to work for people and the environment, and its smart because it has the inbuilt systems that we need to deal with the rainfall and flooding risks that climate change is most likely to bring here in Ireland. It’s a lovely place to walk through or just to sit and enjoy and brings Dún Laoghaire one step closer to being a leading low carbon, climate resilient and sustainable town.”

The opening of Myrtle Square marks an exciting milestone for Dun Laoghaire. This new public space combines functionality, aesthetics, and environmental considerations to create a pleasant, enjoyable, and sustainable destination for the community. Its central location will undoubtedly contribute to the economic growth and development of the town. 

The development of Myrtle Square and the greening of Convent Lane is considered an exemplar project for integrated and holistic climate action. This can become a model for other towns in the area, offering a sustainable and resilient future for all. 

Source: Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

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