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New Report Finds 78% of Irish Businesses Have a Remote Working Policy In Place

A new report from cloud communications company Blueface found that 78% of Irish businesses now have a remote working policy in place.

The research report titled “Business Communications Technology (BCT) Insight Report 2018” highlights the surge in employees having greater flexibility in choosing where they want to work.

So what is allowing this growth in choosing to work from home or in the office? According to Blueface, a large part of it is down to the rise of communications technologies such as VoIP.

The use of VoIP technology has increased in workplaces, with 35% of businesses utilising VoIP and 25% of those surveyed without a VoIP line intending to switch to one. The Insight report also found that 60% of startups surveyed intend to choose VoIP as their next provider.

Essentially, VoIP allows an employee to use a company’s communications system from home or on the road.

While older communications practices such as faxing and voicemail are still regularly in use, with 45% and 75% of subjects respectively still using them on a regular basis, The Insight report shows that Irish businesses have for the most part taken progressive steps forward in the utilisation of communications technology.

Due to the rapid growth of remote working policies in Irish workplaces, Blueface believe remote working policies will rival the popularity of fixed office locations by 2025.

Senior Vice President of Blueface in EMEA, Brian Martin commented on the research by saying:

“This survey demonstrates the rapid changes that are being experienced by Irish businesses. Employees are expecting more flexible work arrangements, customers are demanding more responsiveness from companies and the challenge is now for CEO’s to embrace the change required within their organisations to address these needs.”

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